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    2015 EAR Ruleset

    Edmonton Airsoft Core Rules Version 8.0 February 2015
    Newest Revision: Feb 2015 Version 8.0 Free to distribute


    Airsoft is a sport founded on the principles of honor, respect and honesty. Our
    commitment to these principles ensures the success and longevity of the sport.
    Players are expected to conduct themselves in a mature, responsible and
    respectful manner both on and off the field at all times.

    1. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE. It is presumed that you
    have read, understood, and agree to ALL the following rules before
    2. The game organizers, team leaders, and field owners are NOT
    responsible for your safety or your property. Although they have taken
    reasonable steps to provide a game play environment that is both safe
    and as realistic as possible, this in no way guarantees your safety.
    Ultimately the only person responsible for your safety is YOU.
    3. Damaged, lost or stolen personal effects are the sole responsibility of the
    player; the game organizers and field owners are not liable for
    compensation. Any person found stealing or vandalizing property will be
    prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

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