As CEA is a private club, a membership is required to access some areas of the forum and some private events. Membership also allows a player to reap several benefits including;

- Discounts at participating retailers and companies

- Discounts at CEA games

- Participation in club events

- Enhanced forum access

- Private games and training events

- Enfranchisement in the voting process (2017 season)

The funds raised through the sale of memberships allow CEA to fund events such as the upcoming 2016 Edmonton Airsoft Expo

Members are issued a membership card in order to identify themselves for discounts at retailers and access to events. To purchase a membership, please visit any of the below retailers;

- Ammo Tactical

- B2Airsoft

- Capital Airsoft

- Supply Sgt

The membership fee is $25 for a season/year. At this time retailers can only accept cash for memberships.




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