In order to ensure a smooth transition from the old Edmonton Airsoft Regiment to the new Coalition: Edmonton Airsoft, a transition team of local players has been selected to run the club for the first year. Elections are expected to be held before the start of the 2017 season in order to allow for a democratically selected team of Administrators, Moderators and members of a Steering Committee.


Josh Reashore

An enthusiast of the sport since 2001, Josh began playing airsoft here in Edmonton before moving out to Ontario for the 2003-2012 seasons to "do some things". Since mysteriously returning to Edmonton in 2013 he has again become an active part of the local playing community running events such as "OP Maple Dawn" and the "OP Georgian Spring/Summer" games.

A Canadian Forces veteran with over 13 years of service, he is now retired and working in the private sector.

Mohammed "Matty" Al-Kosmullah

Originally from northern Syria and the illegitimate son of a persian oil mogul, "Matty" relocated to Canada after a successful career in goat farming. He is an avid airsoft enthusiast, and enjoys playing "OPFOR" during most events. He is usually kitted out in man jammies regardless of the scenario, and insists that his signature aviator glasses are "100%" for gaming. Off the field he owns a series of gentlemen's clubs all located next to airports under the brand of "The Fickle Goat".

George Varjeal

Despite starting out as a cosplay enthusiast in the mid 2000's, George quickly gained acceptance and respect from members of the Edmonton airsoft community once he started the sport. After winning control over the now defunct Edmonton Airsoft Regiment in a came of high stakes poker, he appointed himself Grand Wizard of the site and ruled benevolently for a number of years.

Since the market crash of 2008 George has lived with his family in a reclusive mountain hideout which strangely gets an excellent wifi signal.




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