CEA runs events as guided by two principle docuements; our "Tactical Standard Operating Procedures (TACSOP)" and our Player Code of Conduct. Our TACSOP is currently under development for the 2016 season. Join CEA today to have a voice in it's creation!.


The C.E.A. Code of Player Conduct

1. Always call your hits. Only call your OWN hits.

2. Own it. Once you send a round downrange, you own it.

3. Be Safe. You are responsible for your own safety.

4. Set the example. You are required to model good safety standards to others. DO NOT to engage in ANY activity that can potentially endanger your safety or the safety of other players.

5. Respect. You will treat all players, field/staff/owners with RESPECT. Leave the ego at home.

6. Honor. Cheating and theft will not be tolerated. Expect cheating to get you kicked off the field (and possible banning) and theft will gain you the reward of silver bracelets (and permanent banning). 

7. If you see something, say something. Report any misconduct to the Admin staff at the time it occurs. Identify the offender and victim clearly before doing so. If necessary, pull a dead rag and exit to the safe zone to do so. It is worth it.

8. Knowledge is Power. Know the game rules before you arrive at the game. If you don't agree with the rules or like the scenario/style of the play, don't attend.

9. Be awesome. Do your personal best to represent and contribute to the club and sport in a positive manner.

10. Always, always, have fun.





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